10 Ways to Grow Ancient Modern Coin Collector

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10 Ways to Grow As an Antique Modern Coin Collector


Though most collectors choose coins based on obverse designs, some enjoy collecting the various reverse designs. While it is possible to collect coins from nearly all of the Roman emperors, some are difficult to find because the emperors ruled for such a short time. Usurpers and self-proclaimed rulers also struck coins, and many of these are quite rare. To become more familiar with ancient coin collecting, it would be a good idea to review the information available on our How to Collect Ancient Coins page.


When you start collecting, keep in mind that you can purchase ancient coins easily and conveniently by mail no matter where you live. Littleton offers catalogs, price lists, and ancient coins “on approval” – so a large inventory is always available for you to choose from. You should only purchase ancient coins from a company that guarantees your satisfaction (like Littleton). For more ways, Littleton can help you start and expand your collection, see What Can Littleton Do For Me?.



10 FUN Ways To Collect Coins – Coin Collecting Advice & Direction


#1: Type Set Collecting

One of each of whatever you are collecting- one type.


#1b: US 20th Century Type Set

One of each American cion from the 20th century.


#2:  Collecting a Specific Design Set

Often in the form of filling a folder, or simply obtaining the coins [especially in higher grades]


#2a: Year Set

One of each year of specific design ignoring mint marks.


#2b: Year and Mint Mark set

More satisfying to complete but can have specific key dates you’re able to avoid in a year set.


#3: Classic Commemorative Half Dollar Set

This is my dream collection – an incredible run of coins from 1892-1954.


#4: Coin Roll Hunting Set

Great idea for those on a budget or up for a challenge!!


#5: Ancient and Medieval Coinage

Not something I know too much about… but more academic and has a ton of variety here.


#6: World Coin Collecting

Country typeset, silver typeset, 19th century and earlier typeset, and so so more.


#7: Slab Collecting

There is some crazy value associated with specific coin grading slabs!!!


#8: Physical Error Coins

Not things like varieties, but rather ones that are actual errors.


#9: Junk/Constitutional Silver or Precious Metals Bullion

Some very interesting ways to get involved [or some very simple ones as well]


#10: The Information Collector

Great on a budget and required if you’re spending big $$$ – This may be the most important!!!



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