Spanish Escudo Coin


A typical inquiry we get is “The thing that is a Spanish Escudo coin?” The Escudo was and is Spanish currency. Escudos comes in both gold and silver. Curiously, the first Escudo gold coins were introduced in 1535/1537. They were given in categories of 1⁄2, 1, 2, 4 and 8 Escudos. Likewise, the 2 Escudos coins were regularly known as Doubloons and worth 16 reales.

Gold Escudos were gave until 1833. They are lovely coins with extraordinary scrupulousness. Therefore, these gold mint pieces from Spain in the 1790’s have surprising eye appeal. Today’s currency authorities and financial backers love the extraordinariness and worth found in gold Escudos. Indeed, Gold Escudos are a portion of our smash hit coins at Austin Rare Coins.

Silver Escudos were additionally coursed all through Spain and its provinces. To be explicit, Silver Escudos were money of Spain between 1864 and 1869. “The escudo supplanted the Real at a pace of 10 reales = 1 escudo.”


2 Escudos Doubloons

2 Escudo gold coins are additionally alluded to as Doubloons and are worth around 32 reales. They weigh 6.766 grams, or 0.218 troy ounces of 22-karat gold. 2 Escudos were printed in Spain and likewise Spain’s viceroyalties. The viceroyalties included Mexico, Peru, current day Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela. It is intriguing to note, the Escudo replaced heavier gold excelente as the Spain’s standard gold coin. In this manner, doubloons succeeded the doble excelente or twofold ducat division.


1795 Spanish 2 Escudo

The following is a video of a 2 Escudo as of now available to be purchased at Austin Rare Coins. Incredibly, this is one of only 14 coins like this always evaluated. There is just one in this Mint-State 61 grade and only one better guaranteed by NGC. We love the extraordinariness and worth to be found in this 2 Escudo gold from this time period, especially at this alluring value point.

On the front side you will discover the draped profile bust of Charles IV looking to one side. In the interim on the reverse there is a shield just under a crown inside the Golden Fleece Order collar. This is certainly an excellent uncommon gold coin and should address the inquiry “What is a Spanish Escudo coin?”


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