This Beautiful Ancient Coin


In the event that some inquires “why purchase a Coson Gold Stater” you can reply, since you’re searching for noteworthy antiquated coins. One that is gold and has gigantic worth in the old coin commercial center. You can likewise advise them to simply investigate this lovely old coin. Then, at that point, show them the Coson Gold Staters in Mint State 4×4 Condition.


Some Coin Highlightsv

  • These coins have a fourth of an ounce of unadulterated gold and were struck around 2,000 years prior.
  • They are guaranteed by NGC, a part of Numismatic Guaranty Corporation gave to old coins.
  • They are in mint state condition and for under $2,000.


What is on these coins?

The front-side of this coin portrays 3 troopers in parade and is extremely great. On the converse you’ll track down a complicated plan of an Eagle holding an Olive wreath, so the two sides are extraordinary..

Is this the one to focus on?

These coins are recently procured and we have 3 accessible. In case you are intrigued and you have any inquiries simply call us. You can likewise go straightforwardly to the website page to purchase one of these.

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